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Score For Your Floor

Score For Your Floor

Score For Your Floor WTGHelp Our Staff To Work Best For You

Frontline hospital staff understand what’s needed to deliver the best possible care. Score For Your Floor is an innovative program where our staff identify and fundraise for new equipment – resources that are critical to their everyday work and the health of our patients.

Already, the Palliative Care, Specialized Geriatrics and Central Medicine units have all banded together to raise thousands for needed equipment. Please help our staff to operate even more effectively by donating to the unit you would like to support.

CP1/4A: Individualized Music Therapy Program

Birchmount Paediatrics: 4 Portable Patient Monitoring Systems

Birchmount NICU: Syringe Infusion Pump & 2 Breastfeeding Chairs

General Family Maternity Centre: 5 Rocking Recliners

General Paediatrics: 5 Rocking Recliners and an Otoscope and Opthalmoscope Set

Genereal NICU: Under Counter Fridge and Freezer Set