A New Way to Give

“Share” in the Care is a new initiative that enables patients and family members to become involved in the area of care that has affected their lives in some way. And, we have set it up in a fun new way that allows donors to purchase “shares” in the equipment that they think is the most important. Unlike real shares, these “shares” have no monetary or ownership value but they do represent a real investment in the health of our global community. For each $50 donation, which might be directed towards the purchase of an ultrasound machine or infant weigh scale, you will receive a “share” certificate that thanks you for your generosity. While the hospital receives funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, it does not cover the cost of equipment. Each piece of equipment at TSH is the result of our generous community.

1 “Share” = $50

Flexible Cystoscopes – $23,000

Here at The Scarborough Hospital, we need 20 new Cystoscopes. These are used during a medical procedure called a Cystoscopy that examines a patients’ urinary tract to diagnose, monitor and treat medical conditions of the bladder. After each examination, the equipment is sent for a 2.5 hour cleaning process before it can be used on the next patient. Having 20 new ones will allow procedures to continue throughout the day, ensuring better patient care.

Need: 20

Mobile C-Arm – $212,750

The Mobile C-Arm is used in our operating rooms and provides high resolution x-ray images in real time that are magnified on screen. During surgery it allows physicians to monitor progress at any point in the operation while providing excellent image quality with low radiation exposure for both our patients and operating room staff.

Need: 1

Tomosynthesis – $201,250

Tomosynthesis technology is used with our digital mammography machines and helps provide early diagnosis of breast cancer by providing 3D images of the breast and improving the range and quality of the scans. This medical imaging technology has shown to improve cancer detection rates by 27% and invasive cancer detection by 40%. By adding the Tomosynthesis technology to our state-of-the-art digital mammography machines, we will be offering our patients the most-up-to-date technology available.

Need: 1

Breast MRI CAD – $92,0000

When receiving a breast MRI, you want the best technology available. The Breast MRI CAD (Computer Aided Detection) technology highlights any areas on an MRI image that appears abnormal, helping our physicians see items that might have been missed because they are so small. This technology will ensure that our patients are receiving the best possible health care.

Need: 1

Digital Mobile X-Ray System – $207,000

The Scarborough Hospital performed 204,245 exams last year. Not all of those patients were able to physically visit the X-Ray Department. The Digital Mobile X-Ray System brings advanced high quality digital imaging technology directly to our patients that are unable to get out of bed. This system is easy to transport and provides instant imaging results.

Need: 1

C-Arm – $287,500

A C-Arm is used to intensify an x-ray image while allowing for lower radiation doses to be used and is part of a special x-ray room called a Fluoroscopy Suite. These suites are used for a variety of diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Due to its unique design, the C-Arm is able to take images of a patient from any angle, providing a more complete picture.

Need: 1

Lab Machine – $1,955,000

The Scarborough Hospital’s lab testing system is at the end of its life and needs to be replaced. This system provides vital information to our physicians as 80% of all treatment decisions are based on these results. It is critical that the laboratory testing equipment be state-of-the-art to ensure that test results are accurate and fast so that our patients can be assured that they are receiving the right care at the right time.

Need: 1

Tissue Processor – $192,050

The Tissue Processor is an extremely important machine in any hospital laboratory as it aids our physicians in making an accurate diagnosis. Microscopic analysis of cells and tissues require the preparation of very thin, high quality sections of a sample taken from a patient. There is only one chance to process a specimen correctly, which is important for a proper diagnosis and the health of our patients.

Need: 1

Hyper/Hypothermia Blanketrol – $13,350

The Hyper/Hypothermia Blanketrol System is a life-saving blanket that is used to treat mild hypothermia. It allows us to warm or cool our patients as needed through a simple programmable body temperature regulation system that keeps the control in the hands of the caregiver

Need: 1

Ultrasound Transducers and Thermoprinters – $5,950

Our Emergency Department needs two new Ultrasound Transducers and Thermoprinters. An Ultrasound Transducer sends a pulse into a patient, where the sound reflects and creates an echo, which is recorded and displayed as an image. The image is then printed on a Thermoprinter, a specially designed printer that is specifically used to print an ultrasound image.

Need: 2

Call Bell System – $2,900

A nurse call system, sometimes referred to as a Call Bell System, provides the primary means of communication between our patients and their nurses. It allows patients to notify their nurse from the comfort of their bed if they require help. Here at The Scarborough Hospital, our Emergency Department needs six new Call Bell Systems.

Need: 6

MAC 5500 ECG System – $21,550

Our Cardiac team needs two new MAC 5500 ECG Systems. These systems provide our patients with a non-invasive testing solution that delivers advanced disease management capabilities while recording the electrical activity of the heart. It provides the most accurate information in the moment it is needed to make the right health care decision for our patients.

Need: 2

IE33 Ultrasound System – $176,650

The IE33 Ultrasound System is a cardiovascular ultrasound machine that combines both 2D and 3D imaging capabilities. It addresses the clinical needs of managing patients with cardiac disease including heart failure, valvular disease and congenital heart failure. This system supports virtually any cardiac ultrasound exam while providing outstanding image quality.

Need: 1

Infant Resuscitation & Warmer – $26,000

The Infant Resuscitation & Warmer is an all-in-one system that ensures our newest patients stay warm and content while advanced resuscitation equipment is within arm’s reach when seconds count the most. These units are used in both the delivery room and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Need: 6

Electronic Fetal Monitors – $33,312

Electronic Fetal Monitors are used during labour to measure the baby’s heart rate and to ensure they are tolerating their mothers’ contractions. Here at The Scarborough Hospital, we need eight new monitors to meet the needs of our new parents.

Need: 8

Cardiac Monitors – $16,100

Cardiac Monitors are used in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for babies who require extra care. They are extremely sensitive and monitor the baby’s breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and temperature while allowing staff to watch the infant without disturbing them.

Need: 2

Operating Room Table – $51,750

Operating tables need to be replaced to ensure patient safety and to maintain infection control standards. This table will be used in the operating room located in the Maternal Newborn wing for caesarean sections and will also provide speed of access when emergency caesarean’s are required; ensuring our mothers and their babies are only seconds from help when it is needed the most.

Need: 1

Labour & Delivery Beds – $15,960

Having a baby is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life. We want to make our mothers as comfortable as possible during their labour with seven new birthing beds that offer the highest level of safety and comfort for our patients. These beds have the ability to adjust into a variety of positions to aid in mom’s comfort.

Need: 7

Post Delivery Beds – $6,000

Following the birth of a child, it is important for a new mother to be able get out of bed and to their baby. These new beds let mothers get in and out of bed easily on their own, allowing them quick access to their newborn baby.

Need: 19

Blood Pressure Monitor – $5,062

During labour, our staff must be able to accurately measure a mother’s vital signs to ensure the safety of not only the mother, but their baby as well. These monitors ensure accurate patient vitals directly from the bedside, enhancing patient care.

Need: 4

Operating Room Lights – $30,500

Proper lighting while performing surgery is extremely important. These new, energy efficient lights will provide our operating room team with complete control over the position, focus, and intensity while providing optimum shadow reduction.

Need: 1

Infant Weigh Scales – $3,250

One of the first things to happen once a baby is born is they are weighed. This weight sets a benchmark that helps measure their health and growth, which is especially important over the first few weeks of their lives. These new digital scales accurately calculate the baby’s weight and are designed with active infants in mind, ensuring the safety of our tiniest patients.

Need: 2

Infant Bassinet – $1,100

The patient experience is important to us at The Scarborough Hospital and our Maternal Newborn unit would like to offer our patients, clean, state-of-the-art bassinets for the health of their baby. Not only are these bassinets designed for the safety of a newborn, but they also offer maximum visibility.

Need: 22

Recliner Beds – $1,300

After becoming a parent, you want to spend the largest amount of time possible with the newest member of your family. These recliner beds offer a comfortable place for dad to stay, easily converting to a lounger or a sleeper bed, making dad feel right at home.

Need: 22

Rocking Recliners – $1,200

These rocking recliners offer new parents and their guests a place of comfort to sit and get to know the newest member of the family.

Need: 22

Over Bed Tables – $400

Increase the level of comfort for patients with new over-bed tables that will be used to replace broken ones. Ensuring that whatever our new mothers need is nearby.

Need: 22