Most Common Factors Contributing to Motorbike Crashes

Motorcyclists can experience freedom and exploration when they take to the open road. Unfortunately, some of these trips end in fatal collisions. There are a variety of dangers that motorcyclists face, each of which could cause severe injury or even death.

However, accidents involving motorcycles are more likely to cause severe injury or even death than collisions with any other motor vehicle. Even for the most skilled motorcyclists, the likelihood of injury following an accident is substantial due to insufficient protection. Rear-end collisions, left-turn crashes, head-on collisions, and side impacts are among the four most frequently occurring motorcycle accidents.

Why do motorcycle accidents happen?

Motorbikes are an everyday mode of transportation for many people. However, they are also a source of a significant amount of danger. What happens in a traffic crash involving a motorbike is likely to be disastrous. Motorcycle riders should remain aware of the most common reasons for crashes so that they will be able to avoid the pitfalls.

1. Roadway Hazards

Uneven road surfaces, rusty construction cars, and potholes in the midst are frequent sights on roads. Construction debris and equipment are frequently seen on streets. A car or truck might not be significantly affected by these hazards; however, bikers may drift off, fall off their balance, or fall into something. They could sustain life-threatening injuries when they collide with something on the road.

The percentage of motorbike accident deaths and injuries caused by motorcyclists crashing into stationary objects, such as light poles, guardrails, or traffic signs, is around 25 percent. Risks from road traffic pose a significantly greater risk for motorcyclists owing to their small size and less stable nature.

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2. Speeding

A large number of automobile and motorcycle drivers go at fast speeds. Speeding-related accidents and slip insinuated scenarios could cause fatal injuries. Drivers’ ability to stop quickly or react to any events occurring in front of their vehicle is diminished if they are speeding. Since they are not protected by a passenger car, motorcyclists face a much-increased risk of suffering severe injuries or perhaps losing their lives due to a collision that occurs at high speed.

3. Visibility

Motorcycles are harder to see in traffic since they’re smaller than vehicles and could blend into their surroundings or be obscured by other cars and objects. It’s almost impossible to tell a motorcyclist’s direction or if they plan to join your lane when they’re constantly bouncing around.

Additionally, vehicles sometimes need to notice nearby motorcycles while turning left. If the motorbike continues straight through the intersection, goes by car, or attempts to overtake the vehicle, it is likely that the car will be struck by the motorcycle in turn.

4. Distracted or Drunk Driving

A motorcycle or car crash could quickly turn fatal if the driver or rider is impaired or distracted. Texting while driving or drinking, eating, playing on the car’s radio, and even talking on your phone is all distracted driving. Distractions are dangerous because they lessen a driver’s reaction time to dangers.

DUI is illegal and could lead to severe consequences, which include death. The intoxicating effects of alcohol lead drivers to make snap decisions and put themselves and other motorists in danger. 

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5. Mechanical Failure

Motorcycles are complicated machines with multiple moving parts that must be adequately maintained to protect the rider’s safety. A motorcycle could be destroyed or damaged through manufacturing or design faults. A product liability claim could be possible if a motorbike defect leads to an accident.

Accidents are bound to happen, even if you take every precaution to ensure your motorcycle operates well before you take it out on the roads. You are entitled to compensation for the injury caused by the motorbike maker and any other company involved in the logistics chain.